Machine Learning 2021 Spring




HW9 and HW10 Released!

HW9 and HW10 have been released. The deadline of HW9 is 05/28 23:59 (UTC+8). The JudgeBoi deadline for HW10 is 05/28 23:59 (UTC+8) and code submission deadline is 05/30 23:59 (UTC+8). We do not take late submissions.



HW7 and HW8 Released!

HW7 and HW8 have been released. The kaggle deadlines of HW7 and HW8 are both 05/21 23:59 (UTC+8). You also need to submit your codes for both homework to NTU COOL before 05/23 23:59 (UTC+8). We do not take late submissions.



Rules for ML2021, Spring

We have updated the rules for the of English class and Chinese class.
English: rule and video
Chinese: rule and video



Deep Learning

  • Youtube:
  • Slides:
    • Guideline of ML: overfit: ppt pdf
    • Critical Point: small gradient: ppt pdf
    • Adaptive Learning Rate: optimizer: ppt pdf
    • Loss of Classification: classification: ppt pdf
  • HW2: Classification

CNN & Self-Attention

Theory of ML (Prof. Pei-Yuan Wu)

  • Slides:
    • PAC Learning: pdf


Generative Model

Self-Supervised Learning

Explainable AI / Adversarial Attack

  • Youtube:
  • Slides:
  • HW9: Explainable AI
  • HW10: Adversarial Attack

Domain Adaptation

Privacy v.s. ML (Prof. Pei-Yuan Wu)


Quantum ML (Prof. Hao-Chung Cheng)

  • Youtube:
  • Slides: pdf


  • Youtube:
  • Slides:
  • HW13: Compression
  • HW14: Life-long Learning

Meta Learning


The information here is tentative and subject to change. Please read the requirement of each homework before deadline. There are different platforms for each homework, including Kaggle , NTU COOL , and JudgeBoi . Remember to submit to EVERY required platform.

# HW Slide Code Platforms Video(En) Video(Zh) Date TA
x Colab Tutorial N/A N/A 許湛然
x Pytorch Tutorial N/A N/A 張恆瑞、許湛然
HW1 Regression 3/05~3/26 張恆瑞、許湛然
HW2 Classification 3/12~4/02 孟妍、李威緒、陳宣叡、施貽仁
HW3 CNN 3/26~4/16 曾韋誠、黃健祐
HW4 Self-Attention 3/26~4/16 黃子賢、林政豪
HW5 Transformer 4/09~4/30 蔡翔陞、張致強、曾韋誠、陳建成
HW6 GAN 4/16~5/14 陳延昊、吳宗翰
HW7 BERT 4/30~5/21 李高迪、王昱凱
HW8 Anomaly Detection 4/30~5/21 謝濬丞、王昱凱
HW9 Explainable AI 5/07~5/28 吳兩原、李高迪
HW10 Attack 5/07~5/28 林毓宸、黃啟斌
HW11 Adaptation 5/21~6/11 Arvin Liu、陳子晴
HW12 RL 6/04~6/25 王式珩、許湛然、陳建成、蔡翔陞
HW13 Compression 6/11~7/02 Arvin Liu、田昀曜
HW14 Life-Long Learning 6/11~7/02 紀伯翰、蘇軒
HW15 Meta Learning 6/18~7/09 黃冠博、陳建成、許湛然